rubber and plastic technology

For us, plastic is not only a material, but a material with such a contribution to our daily lives that we can no longer imagine being without it. Our range includes a large variety of compounds and semi-finished goods which we process for you on demand.

We master all standard procedures and machining technologies such as extrusion, moulding, deep-drawing technique and water jet cutting.

We provide a complete service from one source: starting from an idea, the choice of materials and the selection of a manufacturing process and finally to the production and delivery of the product.

Our know-how is your advantage, because choosing the most favorable manufacturing process we offer you an excellent price-performance ratio.

plates and mats

We deliver all the qualities available in the market in the most different thicknesses, dimensions and colors. Both as roll stock and cut to your liking. With a smooth surface, fabric patterned or profiled, e.g. Round knobs, hammer blows, fine marks, wide letters, etc. You will also find sponge rubber and cellular rubber in our delivery range.

rubber mats
  •  rolls and cuttings
  •  differenz surfaces structure
  •  many qualities
  •  thicknesses and colors
PE plates
  • Thickness: 0,8 – 80 mm
  • max. sizes: 2000 x 1000 mm und 3000 x 1500 mm
  • Customized blanks according to your specifications possible
PE foam
  • thickness min. 3 mm
  • different raw densities volume weights 

delivery types:


roles 1200 mm  / lengthens on inquires

plates 1200 x 2000 mm ; 1850 x 1000 mm


further kinds of delivery in accordance with their gave:


  • cuts
  • strip
  • punch-hurries
  • self adhesive remarks


PE foam is starting from 3mm strengthens and different gross density available.

PU foam
  • rolls: 1200 mm wide
  • plates up to 2 x 2 m
  • open cell structure
  • also coated available 

delivery types:


roles 1200 mm wide / length on inquires

plates till 2000x2000mm

cellular structur: open cell, also with coating available


further kinds of delivery in accordance with their gave:


  • cuts
  • strip
  • punch-hurries
  • self adhesive remarks


PU foam is starting from 3mm strengthens and different gross density available.


packing plates
  • heat dissipating effect
  • with diagonal cut and lateral chamfere
  • different thicknesses

hoses and pipes

Our assortment offers the most different hoses to you as meter, or role commodity. Also cutting to length and hose manufacturing as desired are possible. Our hoses made from soft PVC (with or without fabric insert) are food-suitable.

Furthermore wie deliver hoses with helix and special hoses like e.g. Radiator hose sections, PVC and PU spiral suction-, and pressure hoses. Further hoses are available on request.

soft PVC hoses with fabric insert

inner diameter: 5 – 19 mm
wall thickness: 3 / 3,5 mm

soft PVC hoses without fabric insert

inner diameter: 6 und 12 mm
wall thickness: 1 – 3 mm

special purpose hoses

transport hoses


In our assortment we have a wide range of profiles.

You can have a choice between rubber-, plastic- and edge protection profiles, which often are combinated made from rubber and plastics. Also simple forms like round cord and square profiles are in different dimensions and materials available.

We find the right profile for a large variety of applications. If it isn`t possible to find a suitable profile to solute your sealing problem, we provide you to fabricate specially emerged profiles for your application. From little spare part requirements to production delivery – you are the right adress with us.

Gladly we make an offer for special productions to you.

  • foam rubber and silicone cords,
  • round cord and square form
  • edge protection sections and flag profiles
  • rubber strips, roles to 10.000mm length
  • renovations seals

moulded and stamped parts

moulded parts

Various elastomer qualities and shapes

> rubber moulded parts
> covering caps for battery terminals

stamped parts of gasket materials

Materials for industrial applications where high pressure and resistance to e.g. Oils, fats, acids, alkalis and solvents play a role.


  • different qualities rubber or fiber material
  • manufactured according to your specifications
  • various manufacturing processes


customized rubber and plastic parts

We develop and manufacture particularly for your application and after your requirements and designs specific rubber, and plastic parts made to measure. Our experience of many years in manufacture, manufacturing processes and techniques is your advantage, because with the range of the applied procedures we offer a high measure to economy and a good price performance ratio to you.

PVC / PS / PP / PE / ABS / PA / pure gum sheeting / POM / PC / Polystone / PTFE / Pertinax / EPDM / Silicone / NR SBR / SBR / Viton compound / NBR / Sponge rubber / NBR SBR / Neoprene rubber / CR / EPDM SBR / PU / Vullcollan / Cellular rubber / Butyl / Cork rubber / Hypalon / abrasion resistant

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