cable assembly

Transfer of electrical power in a safe, fast and reliable way – that is what our connectors stand for.

Complying with high quality standards we manufacture our products for a wide variety of applications in the electric cable and connection technology. The connectors we produce are frequently used for signal and power transmission. They are also applied to connect battery poles for stationary and traction operations, and are often used as lightning protection.

Our cable connectors are carefully joined with high quality components which match each other perfectly. We meet your challenges and provide solutions for an optimal power transmission. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Connector and cable shoe sets
  • Assembled end-user sets
  • Sets with cable lugs
  • battery connector
cable connectors

Combination of cable qualities according to your requirements with the matching connection parts – this is what we perform for you using solid joining technology. We pay attention to gas-tight connections for all our cable connectors in order to avoid corrosion. And if wanted, cable assembly can be supplied with fully insulated connection system.


Our range of products includes rigid and flexible connectors: flexible connectors which are made from strands or braids are always needed when tolerances and motion oscillations have to be compensated. Different connection components e.g. enable current to flow between stationary and mobile machine parts, connect electrodes of battery cells, ground equipment.


When the job has to be done quickly: with one single grasp all components are available. Save expensive assembly time and extensive warehousing. We harmonize with utmost care high-quality components such as cable, connection parts and covering caps, assemble them according to your needs and supply them in a bundle including all screws, washers and whatever else you request.

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