battery technology

By steadily growing requirements of the current, and also emergency power supply constantly increases the area of application of batteries. Also for example renewable energies without autonomous battery power supply are not convertible.

Especially for battery technology we offer many products from our portfolio, all about production, operations and maintenance of starter and industrial batteries within the range of traction and standby.

Our broadly diversified delivery program is extended constantly and offers apart from the components also useful accessories for smooth battery operation. Also the construction, development and manufacturing of special parts are possible.

installation material

packing plates
  • heat dissipating effect
  • with diagonal cut and lateral chamfer
  • different thicknesses available
  • wide and lenght according to desire
  • materials PP and V0 possible
flat packing plates
  • different thicknesses
  • cuts available
  • from PE / PP material
filling foam
  • individually cuts
  • filling material for empty battery cells e.g.

connectors and connection technology

battery terminals
  • screw, solder, crimp terminals
  • adapter
cable lugs
  • tubular cable lugs
  • angle types
  • fork type cable lugs
covering caps
  • post and pre assembly
  •  hard
  •  soft
plastic headed bolts
  • with and without measuring point
  • with safety lock
  • flex-, hybrid and rigid connectors
  • charging connectors
  • end take offs
cable assembly / sets
  • terminals, cables, lengths and caps as required
solid insulation for cable lugs
  • protection against contact and corrosion,
  • safe retrofitting self-installation on site

water, air, acid

Flow-Rite™ battery water filling systems
water based accessories and units

  • mobile watering cars
  • water bottles
  • flow indicators
  • suction lifter
acid deduction tubes

  • acid proof made from PP / PVC
  • different length
  • also beveled
soft hoses

  • with and without fabric insert
  • different lengths
  • also halogenfree
cell closing
  • flip top plugs
  • closing plugs
  • vents
  • foot strips
  • transport plugs

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